How can you help with making product and ... 1 Part ten │ How HR can enable the leaders, so the ... agile Organisation und digitale Transformation. We can also optimize products by improving learning technology. 6. Senior leaders can be accountable for the employee experience through goals, rewards, and other performance programs. For example, according to customers’ differentiated requirements of risks and benefits, we can build quantitative models with self-extraction of features and classification algorithm, providing intelligent support for investment decision-making and creating a robo-advisor. Learn how microservices can help you drive ... on their own within safe boundaries established by the leaders. So Let`s start preparing ourselves for a Transformation • Transforming your organization to Agile is like changing to a new way of thinking • Bringing in a cultural change. International companies should understand cultural differences in how employees perceive the work experience. Journey of Organizational Agile Transformation Have you ever wondered what it takes for an organization to transform and to adapt to a new way of working. Consider the impact of geography: Even though the trend is global, successful approaches will vary by geography.